User terms for the I Bike CPH app and site

About the user terms

The danish version of the user terms is the legally binding version. The english translation is provided only as a service.

The I Bike CPH app, CykelPlanen app and the site is for you which cycles in Copenhagen or the Capital Region of Copenhagen. The apps and the site are provided free of charge by the City of Copenhagen and the Capital Region of Copenhagen.

The user terms are administered by the City of Copenhagen.

When you use the apps or the site, you accept and agree to adhere to the current user terms. The user terms can be changed without notice and it's your responsibility to stay informed about the current user terms. However the City of Copenhagen will do our best to notify users about changes in the user terms via the site and the apps.

Below you can read more details about the user user. The City of Copenhagen is aware that the wording can be complicated to read. If you're in doubt about how the user terms should be understood, you can always contact the City of Copenhagen to get your questions clarified.

Your Profile

When you create a profile you have to choose a password (unless you login via Facebook). The password is personal and ensures that only you can access your account and your data, and that only you can post content with you as the originator. Your password is only stored in encrypted format by the City of Copenhagen and cannot be restored.

You can delete your account at any time. If you do, all data linked to your account will be deleted.

The City of Copenhagen reserves the right to block or delete your profile if the we assess that objectionable, irrelevant or illegal content is posted on the site using your profile. In this case you will receive an email from the City of Copenhagen with the reason.

Content on the site and apps

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the material you post on the site and via the apps is in accordance with applicable Danish legislation - including laws on copyright/patent and trademark law, criminal code provisions on personal violations, forgery, libel and racism, etc. Advertising on the site is not allowed.

This means that: you must comply with the current user terms. you must comply with all codes of conduct and other communications, including changes to the user terms, that the City of Copenhagen may issue. you must keep your password secret. you must notify us immediately if you discover a breach of the security of the site or the apps.

If you discover content on the site that you think is not in accordance with the user terms, we will appreciate if you contact the City of Copenhagen.

If content on the site is assessed to be objectionable, harmful or illegal, it will be removed without further notice as soon as the City of Copenhagen becomes aware of it. In this context, the City of Copenhagen reserves the right to remove content from the site without further notice, in case the City of Copenhagen learns from third parties that third party rights are infringed by content placed on the site.

Collection of personal data

If you create a profile, the City of Copenhagen only collects the necessary data required to make the site and the apps work in accordance with the intention that the City of Copenhagen can provide relevant services to cyclists. In this regard, the City of Copenhagen records your name and email to link you with your profile. If you log in via Facebook, we ask only for permission to access your name, email and profile picture.

When you submit your email, you agree that Copenhagen can send a newsletter to your email. If you don't want to receive newsletters, you can disable this option in your profile settings.

The collected and recorded data is managed in accordance with the danish law on Processing of Personal Data. The law establishes guidelines for how authorities must treat personal data. The law also ensures your legal position in relation to data. This provides you with certain rights when information about you is recorded electronically.

Only relevant information can be obtained and used, and only the personal information necessary to operate and improve the site and the apps, likewise we use your information to communicate with you, including sending you newsletters, profile information, information on improvements of the site and the apps and information regarding technical problems.

There is no transfer or disclosure of profile information from the site and the apps to the administration of the City of Copenhagen.

Your rights are: you can be informed about what information the City of Copenhagen stores about you. You can object to the City of Copenhagen's handling of your data. If your objection is justified, the handling must be discontinued. You can get incorrect or misleading information corrected or deleted. you can complain about the City of Copenhagen's handling of your personal data to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Access to information

You can get access to the information about yourself on the site and the apps. Contact City in Use, Technical and Environmental Administration, City of Copenhagen, Njalsgade 13, 2300 Copenhagen S, which is responsible for the data.

Analysis Data

The site and the app collects data on usage and errors. The data is anonymous and is used to improve the site and the apps.


The site uses cookies to ensure an optimal user experience on the site. A cookie is a small file stored on your computer when you create a profile on the site. The cookie means that the site will be able to remember for example your user name.

Responsibility for data

Copenhagen is responsible for the data you provide when you enter your name and email address, likewise Copenhagen is the responsible data handler for recording your IP address. On the other hand you're solely responsible for all other data you may choose to post on the site and the apps.

The technical operation of the site and the apps is handled by an external company. The company manages the data that the City of Copenhagen is responsible for. When using the site or the apps you accept that the data you are responsible for is also managed by the external company. In this connection, please note that the company which is responsible for the technical operation, acts only on instructions from Copenhagen. The company has established safeguards to protect data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration and against unauthorized disclosure, abuse or other processing in violation of the law concerning the processing of personal data.

The City of Copenhagen strives to provide stable operations, but does not guarantee it. If you experience data loss in connection with operational problems or other issues, the City of Copenhagen will not be liable to you. The City of Copenhagen is only liable according to danish laws and it's standard rules on liability.


Copenhagen has all rights to the site and the apps. When you use these, you obtain only a non-exclusive right to use the City of Copenhagen's technical platform. Conversely, you only give the City of Copenhagen a non-exclusive right to use your material when you place content, information or data on the site or the apps. This usage right you give to the City of Copenhagen only relates to operation of the site and the apps. Thus, you have all rights to the material you place on the site and the apps - with the exception of the aforementioned use right.